Since the birth of her first daughter more than thirty years ago, Rhea has trained as a childbirth educator and counsellor. She has been privileged to attend more than one thousand births in hospitals and home settings as a birth attendant!
Rhea has also been honoured to work with many, many more women and their partners and support people during her birth preparation workshops, pre-natal classes, personal birth counselling sessions and in presentations and seminars around Australia and internationally.
Sadly, in more than thirty years of birth support work, Rhea has also witnessed an unprecedented rise in unnecessary medical interventions during birth—and the development of a culture that, rather than supporting women to birth naturally, is actually undermining them.
Her passion is to educate women about the impact of our birth culture on the outcome of our births. Instead of fear, she want you to go into your labour with confidence in your body and your support people, and the knowledge that will give you the best possibility of natural birth.