It all started when....


MummyCon organisers, Dominique Ben and Mim Dart, met through their local Australian Breastfeeding Association group in 2015. They quickly formed a close friendship, bonding over their uncertainty of how to be kind in parenting their energetic, emotional and fiercely passionate 2 year old sons.

As our boys grew, so did our friendship. Through the ups and downs of motherhood, we shared our joys and our stressors. We shared knowledge, tips and inspiration from books we'd read, blogs we'd seen and accounts we followed on Instagram. We discovered that we both felt a void in "readily available" parenting information and inspiration to support our heart's desire to be inspired, concious, gentle and responsive mothers.

We watched as other mums (and ourselves) questioned their ability to do motherhood "right".

We dreamt about the possibility of gathering together our favourite parenting experts and favourite brands into one epic  day. A day where Mums walk away empowered, and with full hearts. A day when Mums truly believed they are doing an incredible job and doing it "right". A day when we didn't have to fight the formula company promotion minefield, hear about making our babies cry it out or feel that smacking and time outs were the only discipline option for our toddlers.

And so was born our other child, MummyCon.

We are so excited to share our dream with you.

Dominique is proud Mummy to Sebastian, 3 years and Emmanuel, 5 years.
Mim is proud step-Mum to Corvin, 12 years and proud Mummy to Elijah, 5 years, Ava, 3 years and Cooper, born in November 2018.