Melissa Rowe is a mama, an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker in private practice with over 16 years experience in a variety of settings including Child Protection, Services for Separated families, hospital setting and private practice. For her entire professional career Melissa has worked with families and in particular women and children managing difficult life transitions and situations.

Melissa’s passion is supporting mothers to be the best that they can be and helping them relearn . Throughout her professional work and own personal motherhood experience Melissa has explored how mindfulness and motherhood are a potent blend. Out of this exploration, alongside her private practice Melissa created Mindful Mamas. Mindful Mamas is a non judgemental supportive space that now delivers a range of supports and services to mamas. We run mindful mamas circles in 10 different locations which is a space that combines the potent blend of the practice of mindfulness with the intimate gathering of mamas to learn new ways of speaking, listening and sharing with each other in a safe and supportive space, Camps to encourage deep connection between mother and child, Mindful Parenting Workshops, and a large Mama Camp retreat for women to spend the weekend immersed in mindfulness practices to support them on their motherhood journey.

Melissa believes that our children are our greatest teachers and is enjoying the learning alongside her two daughters whilst trying her best to cultivate presence and non judgement. Melissa is very excited to join MummyCon 2018.