George Georgievski


I’m a 44 year old dad, madly in love with my girls, I believe every child deserves love and health.  One way I express my love is by making colourful and bright healthy lunches for my girls. I’ve always loved the creative side of cooking. Just for the record, I’m not a Chef.

Being a parent I find connecting with other parents is easy, we all deal with the “real” lunch making issues.   When I took over lunches and cooking duties, it became a passion, I realised just how important it is for our children to eat right. My mission began and that was to promote healthy eating for as many children as possible.

A few people have said just how lucky my wife is, I don’t see it that way.  I believe that I’m doing my duty as a parent, it needs to be done, and just as my wife does a heap of chores I try and do my bit, as a parent it’s the way it is. I have two girls so I need to show them how it is, it’s up to us to create the “norm”, I’m preparing them for the future.

I avoid sugar and wrappers and aim to use wholesome food. My aim is to inspire parents (yes, dad’s inclusive) that it’s easy to pack healthy and nutritious school lunches for our children. By being a little creative and out there I hope that some folks find it cool enough for them to try. Most importantly there’s no sugar crashes in the afternoon which means our children can concentrate longer and their behaviour reflects their nutrition.  People also refer to me as the school lunch box dad, though to my 2 daughters I’m “daddy”.

I live in Geelong and am a small business owner doing my bit to make my town a better place.  I love my town.  I love music, Pearl Jam completely rock my world and my guitar was a big part of channeling my creativity, now I get creative in the kitchen for my girls, it’s win win.

Growing up was tough, always a struggle but the lessons learnt have made me appreciate so much that I have now. Family is everything to me.