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Hi, we are Andrew and Natalie Roberts. Husband and wife team, parents to five amazing girls, four here and one safe in Jesus' arms. Our children range in ages from 10 down to 2. We love to all be together as a family and live in central Victoria on 10 acres of land. Along with our four girls, we are home to six chickens, two alpacas, numerous sheep (we cannot keep up), four guinea pigs and our faithful cat Bonita. 

We know firsthand how wonderful it is to carry your baby. When God blessed us with our fourth little girl, she had an intense need to be held. We went looking for a way to meet the needs that she had and also attend to our other children. Woven wraps enabled us to do this. Here at Woven Wraps Australia, we love woven wraps but most of all we love holding our baby close! We hope you, too, can enjoy the wonderful benefits of carrying your baby.

Our passion is to provide you with exceptional customer service and clear communication, to help you find the most suitable carrier for you and your baby. We seek to provide honest and reliable advice to help you make an informed decision about which carrier most best suits your needs. Natalie is an Approved Consultant with the Babywearing School Australia and can offer consults here in our warehouse in Bendigo, Victoria. If you require a consult to discuss the best wrap/carrier option or would like to learn how to wear your baby, please contact us. We have been operating in the babywearing industry since 2012 and have extensive experience in helping families choose the most suitable baby carrier for their needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Aside from wearing her two youngest children daily in a woven wrap and ring sling, Natalie has many years experience in running local baby wearing/sling groups in both Sydney and currently here in Bendigo. As well as being an active member of the Australian online babywearing community for the past six years. 

Carrying your baby using a woven wrap can be comfortable, practical and rewarding. But most importantly ... you are close to your precious little one!