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The Cloth Nappy Market began in 2013, while Johanna Cahill was on maternity leave from her position as a Parent Educator in Maternal & Child Health. She loved her job but her passion for cloth was strong, and starting her own business allowed her to continue being a stay-at-home mum. 

Johanna's knowledge of modern cloth nappies had begun at that job, as she collected a variety of sample nappies to show to first time mums. Many were surprised at how easy modern cloth nappies were compared to 'old school' cloth and were inspired to give them a go. Her own interest increased dramatically when she had her son - before long she became a cloth nappy 'addict'!

The range of mixed Nappy Packs are Johanna's speciality and unique to The Cloth Nappy Market. They provide an economical and practical way to try a variety of nappy types and they include top quality brands and handmade nappies.