Maria Golding

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Maria Golding is an Intuitive Motherhood Mentor & Embodied Parenting Teacher.
She uses the latest science and wisdom to help mothers transform guilt and disconnection to feeling vibrantly alive & gorgeously wise in motherhood, along with the skills to help their child reach their unique potentiality.

She is a mother of two amazing young men, and has 30years professional experience in hospitals, schools, community, and private practice (from midwifery to child, adolescent and maternal mental health).

Maria works with heart-centred mothers from across Australia and the globe through coaching, workshops, specially-designed resources and her Intuitive Motherhood Online Program.

Her approach is to combine all the best skills and knowledge from Western science, with the most potent and powerful holistic tools and techniques. It’s all grounded in the belief that there is no one-size-fits-all, and it’s all steeped in so much love.