Pavlina McMaster


Pavlina is the mother of two amazing children who initiated her into the world of home education five years ago. Since then she has combined the knowledge, experience and skills developed in her past roles as veterinarian, ecologist, environmental scientist, and teacher to advocate for and support the home education community. Pavlina’s support comes in many guises, as a member of government and peak body committees, organising and facilitating local groups, and mentor. She provides practical information to new or prospective families, especially those with special needs children, on what home education may look like for them, using the internet, social media, and face-to-face meetings. An avid writer, her articles appear regularly in the peak body’s blog and magazine to keep members abreast of current research and state regulatory changes.

Pavlina is passionate that every child be given the opportunity to lead their own growth, development, and education to grow into the amazing, confident, and capable person that is inside them. Children need the freedom to explore their environment, satisfy their innate curiosity, and construct their own understanding of the world. Raising children with compassion, love, and kindness is central to her philosophy.