Geri & Anthony Leveque

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Anthony and Gerianne Leveque are complete advocates for family fitness in every sense of the word!

They are the Owners & Founders of South East Personal Training and are incredibly passionate about spreading awareness, educating and training mums, dads and entire families on how to lead healthier lives together!

Anthony facilitates one on one, two on one and small group personal training sessions from a private home studio located in Lyndhurst, south east suburbs of Melbourne as well as medium to large group training classes where families are not only permitted but encouraged to bring their kids along. Gerianne trained during the pregnancy of both her children who frequently join their parents whilst working out and during facilitation of classes.

South East Training's philosophy is to have fun with movement whilst getting fit and healthy. Fun moving your body, keeping things simple and controlled, focusing on minimum effective dose exercises and having fun with the involvement of your children and making fitness time - Family Fun Time!